TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (12–18 August 2017)

Can't decide which shows to watch or listen to next week? Here are 10 programmes you won't want to miss...

Quacks. (Image Credit: BBC/Lucky Giant)
Quacks. (Image Credit: BBC/Lucky Giant)
The Cultural Front 
Radio 4
Saturday 12 August, 10.30am
The series on how the Great War affected arts and culture returns. First up, Francine Stock tells the story of the Harlem Hellfighters, an all-African American infantry regiment that, barred from fighting alongside white American troops, was assigned to the French. Via its military band, the regiment has been credited with bringing an early form of jazz to Europe. 
Partition Voices 
Radio 4
Monday 14 August, 9.00am
The series gathering the memories of those who lived through the splitting of British India concludes by considering how events in 1947 have reverberated down the years and generations. Also this week on Radio 4, Throwing Out Nehru (Tuesday 15 August, 9.00pm) asks if India is rejecting the legacy of one of its founding fathers, Jawaharlal Nehru.
My Family, Partition And Me: India 1947. (Image Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media/Lorian Reed-Drake)
Book Of The Week: The Hungry Empire 
Radio 4
Monday 14 August, 9.45am
In her new book, historian Lizzie Collingham traces the history of the British Empire from a culinary perspective. The first of five weekday excerpts considers the importance of salt cod in creating the empire. Subsequent episodes consider such subjects as the difficulties of recreating an English diet in the New World and dining at sea.

Pick of the week

Seven Days In Summer: Countdown To Partition 
BBC Two 
Tuesday 15 August, 9.00pm
The BBC’s Partition season continues with a documentary that charts events 70 years ago via archive footage and the memories of ordinary people. Also this week, My Family, Partition And Me: India 1947 (BBC One, Wednesday 16th August, 9.00pm) concludes, with presenter Anita Rani and her mother heading to their former family home in what’s now Pakistan.
Utopia: In Search Of The Dream 
BBC Four 
Tuesday 15 August, 9.00pm
Art historian Richard Clay explores the idea that attempts to build utopias always fail. Along the way, he considers 20th-century urban planning, meets architect Sir Norman Foster, who speaks up for the power of good design, and heads to an eco-commune where the residents share everything.
Tuesday 15 August, 10.00pm
It may seem an unlikely subject for a comedy, but the BBC’s new sitcom is set amongst medical pioneers in the early Victorian era. James Wood (Rev) scripts, Rory Kinnear leads the cast as Robert, a Victorian celebrity surgeon who in the first episode is under pressure following a botched amputation, and Rupert Everett does some scene-stealing. 
Aleks In Wonderland: The Story Of The Internet 
Radio 4
Wednesday 16 August, 9.00am
Over three episodes, Aleks Krotoski traces the history of the internet. Along the way, meeting those who created the digital world we’ve so quickly come to take for granted, she explores why the internet seems to be such an uncontrollable medium, beyond the scope of conventional regulations. 

Milton Keynes and me: (Image Credit: BBC/Platform Productions)
Milton Keynes And Me 
BBC Four
Wednesday 16 August, 9.00pm
Documentary maker Richard Macer returns to the city where he grew up, a settlement that turns 50 this year. While this is essentially a personal film, there’s much here on British social history, notably the 1970s idealism behind the creation of a new town too easily associated just with roundabouts and concrete cows
Radio 4
Thursday 17 August, 9.00am
Continuing his conversations with British politicians, Peter Hennessy meets William Hague, who first made headlines when he addressed the Conservative Party Conference as a teenager in 1977. Among other subjects, Hague discusses his meteoric rise, his time as leader of the opposition and, speaking from the vantage of a man who served as foreign secretary, his worries over Brexit.
Who Do You Think You Are? (Image Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Stephen Perry)
Who Do You Think You Are? 
Thursday 17 August, 8.00pm
The celebrity genealogy series returns with another tranche of five episodes. First to be featured is the singer Lulu. Her starting point is curiosity over why her mother, one of seven children, was given up by her birth parents to be raised by another family.
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