Top 10 First World War podcasts

From the causes of the conflict to its legacy, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best First World War podcasts

Photo by Lt. Ernest Brooks/ IWM via Getty Images

Cold War culture and the path to the First World War

In this November 2013 podcast Margaret MacMillan tells us why she believes the First World War broke out when it did, while Dominic Sandbrook explores how the Cold War impacted on many aspects of British life.

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The legacy of the First World War

In last month’s podcast we were joined in the studio by the acclaimed Yale historian Adam Tooze to talk about his new book The Deluge, which focuses on the climax of the First World War and the resultant rise of the United States. Plus, we kicked off our new Our First World War series with audio clips of interviews with veterans of the conflict.

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The ideas of the First World War

Professor Hew Strachan considers the ideologies that propelled combatants in the 1914–18 war, in a lecture delivered at BBC History Magazine's First World War day event. This podcast was broadcast in April last year.

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The First World War and Roman shopping

Chris Clark challenges the traditional view of the First World War's origins, while Claire Holleran takes us on a shopping trip in ancient Rome, in this podcast recorded in December 2012.

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Paxman on World War One

In January this year Jeremy Paxman discussed Britain in the First World War ahead of his new BBC TV series, while Miles Russell took us on a trip to a luxurious Roman home.

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Royal cousins at war and Brunel's brilliance

Richard Sanders considers how Europe's monarchs ended up on opposing sides in the First World War, while Eugene Byrne explores the talents of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This podcast aired in February 2014.

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Britain in 1914 and Jesus in history

In this January 2014 podcast Mark Bostridge describes some of the challenges facing Britain before the First World War, while Reza Aslan comments on the historical Jesus.

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Cold War smuggling and First World War veterans

Earlier this month Peter Finn and Petra Couvee revealed how the CIA tried to change the course of the Cold War by smuggling banned literature into the USSR, including Boris Pasternak's 1957 novel Doctor Zhivago. Plus, in the second instalment of a series of extracts of interviews with First World War veterans – recorded by the Imperial War Museum – retired parachutist Dolly Shepherd, reservist George Ashurst and Royal Navy seaman George Wainford take us back to July 1914: Franz Ferdinand is dead, and war is looming on the horizon.

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Roman slavery and the man who started the First World War

Jerry Toner discusses the lives of slaves in Ancient Rome, while Tim Butcher explores the life of Gavrilo Princip, killer of Franz Ferdinand. This podcast was recorded in May 2014.

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WWI army rations and the French Revolution

Rachael Duffett considers how First World War soldiers took to the food they were served, in this December 2009 podcast. Plus, Julian Swann offers his thoughts on the origin of the French Revolution.

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